•   A refreshing fermented milk originating from the Caucasian region, known as longevity village
  •   Kefir : Turkish word “Keif” – “good feeling”
  •   Producing polysaccharide “Kefiran” : Anti-tumor properties and immuno-stimulator
  •   Using as a treatment drug of the tuberculosis reported by WHO
  •   Fermented with kefir grain consisting of lactic acid bacteria and yeast
  •   Kefir consists of Lactobacillus, Lactociccus, Leuconostoc, Streptococcus and Yeast (Kluyveromyces)
  •   Patented strain isolated from kefir grain (Patent No. 10-0663785)
  •   Microbiome composed of lactic acid bacteria and yeast
  •   Compound synbiotics ingredient of natural probiotics + prebiotics
  •   Research on anti-inflammation, improvement of intestinal function, and cholesterol lowering
  •   Stable and hygienic production of products in GMP certified facilities
  •   Mass production and various applications of kefir fermented extract
  •   Fermented using only 100 % raw milk
  •   Maintain nutrition and functional ingredients through long-term fermentation at moderate lowing temperatures
Naturence kefir is a food ingredient consisting of lactic acid bacteria and yeast that has been fermented by separating patented strain from kefir grain

  •   A complex of lactic acid bacteria and yeast helps the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines
  •   Activates intestinal motility to help facilitate bowel movement

  •   Secretion of antibacterial substances that inhibit the growth of pathogens
  •   Acts as a barrier by competing with invading substances in the intestinal mucosa area.
  •   Responsible for primary immune defense
in vitro
Proliferation of beneficial bacteria increases according to the intake concentration of kefir powder
in vivo
Increased thickness of the mucous membrane of the large intestine
in vivo
  • A : Control, B : Colitis induction group, C,D : kefir consumption group
  • Subjects : Sprague-Dawley mouse
  • Treatment : Ingestion of kefir grain 1.5 %, 3 %
Effective in improving inflammation and swelling
in vivo

  • Subjects : Sprague-Dawley mouse
  • Treatment : Ingestion of kefir 50 mg/kg
Reduction of inflammatory cells and damage to epithelial cells
General food
Type Powder
Characteristics Microbiome powder composed of patented lactic acid bacteria and yeast
Application General food
Milk product
Type Powder, Liquid
Characteristics Used in various ingredients such as kefir powder, fermented milk using kefir, cheese, powdered milk, etc.
Application Milk product
Type Starter
Characteristics Development of Fermented food using kefir strain
Application Strain business