For a better world
Good Microbes meet Fermentation Technology
Naturence is a first-generation bio-venture company that started from the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology and has contributed to the development of biotechnology in Korea.

As a philosophy of “Creating a better world with biotechnology", we have established a research institute to conduct research related to microbial fermentation

Naturence Research Institute is recognized for its technology related to microbial fermentation, such as carrying out various national research projects, intellectual property rights, and government technology certification.

Based on the knowledge and field experience of microbial fermentation, we will train fermentation experts and strive for microbial fermentation research.
Through more than 20 years of research and development, Naturence has developed β-glucan that is effective in enhancing immunity using patented microorganisms and has been recognized as an individually recognized ingredient by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
  •   Development of high-concentration production strains using microbial improvement technology and patent registration of strain
  •   Optimized high-concentration production process and industrialization process development of β-glucan
  •   Certification of technical skills in β-glucan production
  •   A Study on the Effectiveness of β-glucan
  •   A study on various ingredients applying β-glucan
  •   Individual recognized ingredient certification (May help improve immune function)
Naturence kefir powder is produced by applying optimized microbiome fermentation technology in a GMP certified facility with kefir grains isolated from traditional fermented milk in the Caucasus, a longevity village.
  •   Isolation of lactic acid bacteria from kefir grains and patent registration of strains
  •   Microbiome analysis of kefir grains (16S gene based Microbiome Analysis)
  •   Optimization of fermentation process and development of industrialization process (Scale up) of Kefir
  •   A study on high-concentration production of Kefiran
  •   A Study on the Effectiveness of kefir (Improvement of long-term function, anti-allergy, a decrease in cholesterol)
  •   Development of products with kefir (Starter, Probiotics powder, Fermented milk)