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Composition for treating or preventing Herpes virus infection No. 10-1779375-0000
Novel microorganisms isolated from kefir grain No. 10-0663785-0000
A composition comprising the kefir powder or the extract there of having anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti- asthmatic effect No. 10-0685285-0000
Cosmetic composition containing extract of mixed fermentation with soy bean milk No. 10-0898311-0000
Cosmetic composition containing kefiran for protecting and improving skin No. 10-0949716-0000
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Immune Keeper No. 40-1826773-0000
Immune nature No. 40-1826774-0000
Immune Gate No. 40-1826771-0000
kefirLab No. 40-2021014-1799
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BetaPolo No. 40-1045567-0000
이뮨다이어트 No. 40-0568892-0000
더멋진캐피어 No. 40-0557077-0000
Betaglu No. 40-0520479-0000
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